Date Hash Founded : 17 March 1985 (St. Patrick’s Day)
Founder : Dick Nichols
Club Type : Family Hash
Number of Members : 100
Average Pack Size : 15
Total Runs as of 14 Oct 2023 : 1619
Most Runs (Male) : Gokhan`GoKart`Unal  (1026 Runs at Run 1619)
Most Runs (Female) : Dilek`Twinkle Toes`Boke  (792 Runs at Run 1619)
Summer / Winter Run Day : Sunday Time : 13:00 p.m
We meet announced weekedns  : Towards the end of the Ataturk BLVD (Protocol Road), The Parking Lot By Segmenler Park (It will be on your Left Hand Side)

CLICK HERE for A Sketch CLICK HERE for Google Map About Meeting Place

Hash House : JAMES COOK BAR Tunus Caddesi No 19/A Tel: 312 419 96 88 Co-ordinates: 39o54'40.5" N, 032o 32'51.23.4" E

Hash Beer Brand : Tuborg/Efes
Awards : Pewter Mug after first 50 runs, Medals every 50 runs thereafter
Run Fees : Men - Women- Visitors: paid in TL,including transportation to/from run site (100 TL ~ US$ 4.00)
Annual Runs / Special Dates : Birthday Run in March, Tree Planting Run in March, Trash Pick Up Run in April, Efes Brewery Run in May, Fool Moon Run in August, Terry Fox Run in September, Cappadocia Run in September
Other Hash Kennels in Turkey are : Istanbul HHH, Fethiye HHH, Antalya HHH, AnkaraFullMoonHHH, Bodrum HHH